Living Wine delivers travel, tasting and winemaking intel to casual drinkers and enthusiasts alike.  It also provides marketing, product development and research for wine and tourism businesses.

My story begins like many before me, but my goal in establishing Living Wine is different.  My intention is not to post perfectly curated stories and images to simply inspire people to travel and drink wine.  Instead, Living Wine exists to actually enable everyday people to get up and create adventures of their own.  Wine travel and education don’t have to cost a ton of money like they are typically positioned in modern-day western society.  By exchanging skills, knowledge and genuine passion, people can help each other to grow and achieve things far superior to an increase in net worth.

In March of 2017, I quit my job in NYC and embarked on a wine-fueled journey across Italy.  My passion for wine began over a decade earlier, while living in Los Angeles and visiting my sister in San Francisco.  Prior to then, I had never visited a vineyard and I’d probably only set foot on a handful of actual farms of any kind.  Fruit and vegetables came from grocery stores and wine hailed from liquor stores, and I didn’t give it much more thought than that. I had a lot to learn.

Wine on tap at the beach in Positano, Italy. Heaven on earth.

Based in Italy with roots in New York and California.

Carpe Diem.